Aug 21.
Aug 25.
ICF Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships 2019
Szegedi Olimpiai Központ
Here is an excellent opportunity to cheer and support Hungarian and international top kayakers and canoeists in Hungary this year, in the course of the ICF Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships. The world’s best athletes will represent their countries at the Olympic Centre of Szeged.
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In addition to the Olympic qualification events, there will be numerous programmes organized locally, along with the most delicious foods and drinks to welcome visitors.

Free admission for children under the age of 6*.
Family ticket: 2 adults + 2 children (under 14 years old**) receive a 25% discount.
Age limits are verified on site.
*Born after 1st of January, 2013
**Born after 1st of January, 2005
To apply the discount, please select the coupon from the dropdown list then add it to the cart.

The participant, who arrives to the World Championships as a spectator, accepts the entry conditions listed on https://ticket.szeged2019.com/regulations page and presented at the entry points by taking the certificate/ purchasing ticket for entry. You can enter the World Championships with a valid ticket that applies only to the sector indicated on the ticket and in case of sector ”A” to the seat indicated on the ticket. In case of sector ”B” and ”C”, seat reservation can be made in the order of arrival. It is not possible to go up the grandstands with a ticket for standing place. Entitlement to the discount ticket must be verified. Within one day after the exit, you can return with a one-day wristband placed by the organizers for the next entry. We do not give ticket back and we do not change it, we do not provide another instead of a lost ticket. Fake or damaged tickets do not entitle you to entry. The ticket is not valid for the accreditation area. We are not liable for damages caused to persons or material assets, if they are caused by irresponsible behavior of spectators. Spectators may appear in video and audio recordings, television broadcasts, live videos on the internet and recorded broadcasts, with no claim to the organizers or recorders.

Organizer of the World Championships:
Hungarian Canoe Federation
1138 Budapest, Latorca Street 2
Tax number: 18160037-2-41

The ticket price includes 21.26% VAT.