You can enter the World Championships if you accept the following participation conditions.

By joining the World Championships as a spectator, you accept the following when you enter the venue of the sports event:

Under Act I of 2004 on Sport, the spectator may enter the scene of a sports event only if he or she is apparently not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other narcotic substances, does not carry any alcohol, drugs or any objects that endanger to hold the sports event or others' personal and property security, does not hold any flag, or incense inscription which incites hate speech, or other arbitrary emblem prohibited by law, is not under exclusion, or under the prohibition of visiting sports events, or subject to a ban on infringement, undertakes to prove his/her identity at the request of organizers’.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the racecourse (the water) and forbidden to bathe, jump into water, and paddle there), if this happens, the International Canoe Association may intermit the competition. It is forbidden to bring animals to the venue of the sports event!

Fans can only cheers and support their athletes not to interfere with other competitors. Electric, pneumatic devices (horn, gigaphone, etc.) may not be used for support.

Smoking is allowed only and exclusively in the designated areas of the sports event.

Only the organizers are entitled to use a drone in the area of the sports event.

The organizer may oblige the visitors disturbing the sports event to leave the area of the event.

A participant who threatens to hold a sports event or to protect the personal and property security of others, or has a racist, hateful behavior, will be asked by the organizers to discontinue this behavior, if the notice is unsuccessful, or if the spectator or attendant fails to comply with the organizers’ safety regulations and engages in activities that disrupt or frustrate the sporting event, or damage or compromise the physical integrity of the participants in the sporting event, including the spectators, and the organizer of the event. can be removed from the venue of the sporting event by the organizers.

We are not responsible for any damage to persons or material value if they arise from the irresponsible behavior of spectators or their companion.

You may also appear in video and audio recordings of the sports event, in live or recorded internet or TV broadcasts, and you may not claim any rights against the organizers or recorders. By participating at the sports event, you contribute the organizers of World Championships to use the footage to promote canoe sport.

Director of the World Championships:
Hungarian Canoe Federation